Florida 2: Everything You Need to Know about Google’s Core Update in 2019

Google has released the first core update of 2019, called Google Florida 2. This update which came out on 12th of March is considered to be a probable reversal to August 2018's Medic update.

Florida 2: Everything You Need to Know about Google’s Core Update in 2019 | HiTechNectar
Published By - Kelsey Taylor

Google has quite the knack of surprising us with core updates when we least expect it. If it was not for Twitter, we might have thought that Google broke. Yes, we are talking about the Google Florida 2 update, the substantial core update released by Google at the beginning of March 2019. Experts believe that it is a reversal of the August update which witnessed many websites lose their ranking. This update has ended up with those websites gaining back up while another bunch have been on the losing side.

What is the Florida 2 Update?

Google is not a fan of naming their updates, so the SEO world has taken it upon themselves to name them. The recent core update released by Google is the Florida 2 SEO update. This Google Florida 2 update is witnessing significant attention from the SEO world as many sites have had their traffic dwindled. Google hasn’t yet released any official statement about the update, their Twitter handle Google SearchLiason has confirmed the update, naming it the Google March 2019 Core Update.

Though the exact changes made and how those affect the search world is still unclear, experts have been monitoring the ecosystem and have some interesting observations to share. Some of the observations are as follows:

• The websites which received a spike in traffic post the August update have witnessed a steep loss in traffic.
• Websites which used guest posting and blogging to receive backlinks have been affected.
• Sites with organic and original posts and superior content have witnessed a positive spike in traffic.
• This Google algorithm update seems to be a rollback to the previous update.
• The high authority websites who were losing traffic have gone back to their usual flow.
• This Google core update is all about ensuring that the right people using clean methods of SEO are benefitted.

Is Florida 2 Update Related to the Original Florida Update in March 2003?

Soon after Google released this update, some people from the industry started calling it Florida 2. But the name has created confusion among the SEO community. However, the Florida 2 update is not related to the Florida update released in March 2003. Even though both are major updates, they are both very distinct algorithms and act differently.

How to Recover from Florida 2 Update?

Post the release, many webmasters have been running from pillar to post to get their websites back to where they were. However, Google has themselves tweeted that there is not particular cure or fix for this algorithm that we can implement. They have also mentioned that the changes brought about by this algorithm just benefit the previously under-rewarded pages.

The Google core update has shaken up everyone, and while some who were struggling some months ago are making merry, it will be exciting to see how others are going to tackle this issue to come on top. If you are also one of those whose website is struggling, try posting some useful, strong content on the website and let the latest Google core update take care of it for you.

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