Four Easy Ways to Optimize Content for Voice Search

Including long tail & conversational keywords, targeting snippet based content & optimizing overall page for local queries are some of the ways to optimize your content for voice search.

Four Easy Ways to Optimize Content for Voice Search
Published By - Kelsey Taylor

Google’s Voice search assistant tool is being used 35 times more than when it was launched in 2008. Its use is just increasing more and more day by day. More individuals are using voice searches in their smartphones & digital assistants such as Apple’s Siri (34%),  Microsoft’s Cortana (4%), Amazon’s Alexa  (6%), and Google Assistant (19%) to handle simple tasks and more on the go.

Voice searches are trending and are being commercialised on television, and you must have already seen some at least by now. So of course, if you are interested in making your page more accessible, you will have to follow these essential but essential insights so that you can exploit voice search to your benefits.

Be Mobile friendly:

We cannot strain enough on how important it is to optimise your site for smartphone use. Rising number of individuals are using their smartphones for search. Voice search is almost always accessed on mobile, and it goes without saying that your website should be mobile-optimised.

According to Google, bounce rate on smartphones is 9.56% higher than that on desktops. Almost 90% more bouncebacks happen, if a page takes even 5 seconds to load, in comparison to a page that loads in just a second.

Keep your eyes on search engine optimisation for local searches:

Smartphones today search more for local questions like which restaurant is still open at this time, gas station near me, what time does the department store open. Most of the local search phrases are knitted around “What?”, “Where?” and “How?”. Google revealed that searches of “near me” have grown more than 130% every year. People widely use the search query “things to do near me.”

Voice search Keywords:

Due to the convo nature of expressing out loud, voice searches are naturally longer tail search queries. Google has expressed that it’s trying to include voice search information and in Search Console, with the reason being that these searches will be separated from text queries. There hasn’t been any deadline set for this yet. Once launched, sooner or later,  you can observe the voice search queries that are propelling traffic to your pages, allowing you to optimise your site and rise in rankings further.

Work on Snippets:

At best, your content should show up as a snippet in a basic relevant search. Rich Snippets also offer users with relevant information. That gives them an idea of what they can view before actually accessing the website. Thus, pushing in traffic that is likely to stay more on the website. Featured Snippets are ideal voice search results in many ways. Snippet answers are from credible, authoritative sources.

In 2018, you really can’t afford to ignore the strength of voice search. According to the Technavio report “the voice recognition market will be a $601 million industry, by 2019”. Get ready from now on, as you will never realise when it gets from ‘coming soon’ to ‘trending now’.

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