What is Keyword Clustering and Why is it Important?

Here, we have put together to give you a brief guide to what is keyword clustering. We will furthermore discuss related topics to clustering over the next few weeks.

What is Keyword Clustering and Why is it Important
Published By - Kelsey Taylor

Here, we have put together everything to generate a brief guide to what is keyword clustering and keyword clustering algorithm. The term “Keyword Clustering” was first introduced in 2015 by Alexey Chekushin, a Russian SEO expert. It has only gained popularity since then. However, even before that, few people used to use some keyword grouping tactics with the help of excels instead of now available tools.

Keyword clustering refers to the bunching of different but significantly relevant keywords.

There are times when the user may search for a particular topic with many keywords, for example-

  • “What can I go in the summer to spend my time with friends and family.”
  • “What are the best places to visit with friends in summer.”
  • “Most beautiful locations in summer.”
  • “10 places to visit in 7 days this month of the year.”

All words can have their own different meaning but still mean the same for them. The precise words to be looked up about the same topics can be multiple, so there are many assumptions. Therefore, the use of clustering of keywords is essential as there are many ways a person could search with the same motto. Furthermore, the Keyword clustering method is based on the top ten search results doesn’t matter which search engine it is. It becomes vital to optimise your pages for both, singular and plural keyword search results.

The Keyword Clustering Algorithm in a tool generally includes these following quick steps:

  1. Firstly any tool that you are using will process the given keywords and perform a search query on different search engines.
  2. It scans the first page (top–10) results and analyses the web pages to each keyword.
  3. Then it clusters up the keywords if a search engine returns the same web page listings for two different keywords. This is how two or more keywords are mustered up to form a proper cluster.

There are three keyword clustering Types.

The type of the clustering also affects the way how all keywords within one group are connected. In any case can select the level and the type of clustering; Soft, Moderate and Hard, beforehand.

A keyword clustering tool may also perform some of the other SEO related techniques on these keywords and web pages like backlinking research, Content Research, plagiarism, trends, Ranking analysis and web tracking.
So, in a couple of weeks, we will be analysing and discussing the types of clustering and some of the tools with their additional features.

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