Office Workers vs. Remote Workers – Which one performs the best and Why?

The most important advantage in the comparison of office workers vs remote workers includes a quick turnaround time with the former & employee empowerment in the latter.

Office Workers vs. Remote Workers – Which one performs the best and Why? | HiTechNectar
Published By - Kelsey Taylor

The booming global industry has resulted in many small and medium-sized companies coming up, offering various goods and services, filling the demand gap in the market. As employment rises, companies are looking for solutions to tackle the rising expenses and are looking to cut back wherever possible. In comes remote working; where employees can work from the comfort of their homes and companies can save on devices and infrastructure. This is where the topic of office workers vs remote workers arises. Let’s analyze which is the better among the two.

Remote Workers: What are the advantages of working away from office?

According to some surveys, working from home boosts productivity among employees. It increases employee satisfaction and employee empowerment while reducing the stress of travel, attrition rate, employer expenses, and time wastage in meetings. In addition, it allows workers to spend more time with family and hence there is a reduction in unplanned leaves.

Taking a look at some working from home productivity statistics, between office workers vs remote workers, we see that:

  • Companies of all sizes have shown a decrease in operational costs
  • 80% of employees have reported lower stress levels
  • 67% of employees have reported lower absenteeism
  • Efficiency is boosted by 30%
  • Companies have reported a reduction in carbon footprint owing to lower fuel consumption by the employees

Working from Office Advantages

There are some employers who prefer having their workforce in the workplace and available all the time. This also has its share of advantages such as workers are expected to manage their time well resulting in quicker turnaround time. There are fewer distractions from home, and interacting with colleagues helps build interpersonal skills.

Employees also have easy access to their managers and superiors, work with the company culture in mind. They receive a designated workspace in the office, and it also helps them understand the business better owing to which they can perform better. The opportunity for networking and gaining meaningful work experience are some more factors to be considered.


Office workers vs remote workers: both have their advantages and disadvantages. In the end, it finally boils down to the realization, is working from home right for you? Some might reply as a yes; some might say no. It is a judgement call; each employee should judge oneself and take a call what is more suitable for them. But remote working is one of the growing and preferred way of working for many companies, and it is touted to be the work culture of the future. Employees also prefer working remotely for the aforementioned reasons, and hence it is the better performing model of working among the two.

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