5 Best Open Source Kanban Tools

Kanban is a set of practices for managing and optimizing the workflow. The kanban method assists teams in carrying out processes efficiently and with better collaboration and self-management.

5 Best Open Source Kanban Tools
Published By - Kelsey Taylor

What is Kanban?

Kanban is a set of practices for managing and optimizing the workflow. The kanban method assists teams in carrying out processes efficiently and with better collaboration and self-management. It provides you with a visual aid, timely feedbacks, knowledge transfer, balancing work, and reducing trash and redundant activities.

Kanban is inspired by Japanese manufacturing systems and developed by an industrial engineer at Toyota Taiichi Ohno to improve the manufacturing efficiency, which means Signal – Kan, and Board – Ban. Kanban is a system for arranging, controlling and optimizing work processes.

Almost any operation of any field can benefit from following the kanban approach while avoiding the overloading of the systems.

Kanban has these six core practices:

  1. Know and visualize your current flow.
  2. Limit the Work In Progress (WIP).
  3. Clear process policies.
  4. Manage workflow.
  5. Regular feedbacks.
  6. Optimizing and evolving ((using models and the scientific method).

List of Top 5 Open Source Kanban Software

Kanban board software is a widely used task management tool. And if you are already using one, you must be aware of all of its features to help you to better monitor and control multiple projects according to team or project’s needs.

There are a lot of kanban tools and apps in the market right now. Currently, Trello, Asana,, Kanbanize, and Blossom are amongst the most popular kanban tools. Here, we will discuss the five most popular open-source kanban tools that are worth using.

You must decide these tools according to your requirements and necessities.


Kanboard is a free open-source (MIT License) project management kanban software with a simple user interface. You can operate on it without the need for any training or prior experience. You get a clear visual of your tasks and their overview.

Kanboard can also auto-create tasks from your emails, and it furthermore highlights particular assignments when you overdo the multitasking and manage and monitor work in teams efficiently.

Its features also include easy drag and drop between columns, search and filter tasks, and subtasks with a simple query language.

Kanboard has an easy installation process and supports 30 additional languages.

OpenProject 9

OpenProject 9 is a leading collaborative open source project management software. It is also known to be the best alternative for Asana. In fact, OpenProject has topped Asana in many fields.

OpenProject comes with open source Gantt chart and integration with task management software.

The manager is timely informed about any delays or expenses and helps you in visualizing the required steps to complete your project.

The OpenProject is equipped with a wide range of functionalities and advanced tools integrated within.

The system gives you transparency on every level and helps you in organizing meetings, sharing plans, and create schedules without negatively affecting the productivity of an individual in the project.

It also provides you with product roadmaps, secured communication channels, timely updates, tracking and managing of forums along with a mobile-friendly layout.


Taiga is an attractive and straightforward open-source project management platform for agile developers & designers with a robust API.

With Taiga, you get easy and powerful customization abilities with a fun-to-work-on environment. It allows you to pursue kanban method project tracking even while working on a Scrum template.

Taiga comes with a free plan of up to four members for one private project and unlimited public projects.

You may unlock the unlimited private project features in its $5/mo premium package and upgrade or downgrade as needed at any time.


Restyaboard is a self-hosted open-source kanban board alternative to Trello. It is a mobile-friendly app with many additional features like instant add and ease of concurrent card selections.

It also comes with better editing tools, offline sync, nested comments, multiple layouts, and more. Restyaboard prides itself in providing you with complete and total control over your IT Solutions with its perpetual license.

You may also access full 1-year support & upgrades with any of the offered packages for a higher number of users. Restyaboard is written in PHP. It furthermore has a comparison chart within API explorer, with ease of custom integrations.


Formerly known as Libreboard, Wekan is easy to set up, wholly open-source and free kanban software. Wekan gives you an easy to maintain and organized personal to-do list, layout plans, and a clear visual of the current state.

It helps you in prioritizing your work and overall project workflow. You also get a real-time user interface, member assignations, customizable labels, with up till 50 plus language support, and much more.

Wekan also facilitates you with swim lanes that divide your kanban board into horizontal bands, with each of those lanes representing multiple categories for better card segmentation and management.

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