Here are the Top Open Source Knowledge Management Tools

Here are the Top Open Source Knowledge Management Tools

An open-source knowledge management tool can be used for many reasons. It provides a final result that acts as a self-service digital repository of information basically for a product, process, or any topics of interest shared by a group or organization. 

Open source software is also helpful for businesses that are looking for a readily available solution and let their developers or programmers customize the source code according to their business needs. 

What is Knowledge Management?

According to Gartner, ITSM tools help infrastructure and operations (I&O) organizations manage the consumption of IT services, the infrastructure that supports the IT services, and the IT organization’s responsibility in delivering business value with these services. These are most heavily used by IT service desks and IT service delivery functions to support the tasks and workflows for processes, including incident, request, problem, change, service level, knowledge, and configuration management. 

Knowledge management includes collecting, extracting, sharing, creating, and administering knowledge or information in such a manner that the organization can use it effectively. This can eventually lead to better decision-making and positive transformations. 

Poor knowledge sharing can affect the company’s efficiency and productivity. The businesses executing knowledge management software can follow a systematic process to store and capture valuable information that is easily available to the clients and internal workforce.

Benefits of Knowledge Management Solutions: 

Effective knowledge management has several benefits that can assist organizations in boosting their productivity. Below are some of its advantages that companies can consider before implementing such solutions: 

It offers agility: Companies must be flexible enough to operate quickly and easily. Knowledge management tools make resources and other important components easily accessible and usable, with which enterprises can be agile enough to process swiftly and conveniently.  

Promote and adopt innovation: With knowledge management, the workforce of the organizations can share and collaborate on ideas. Therefore, it not only promotes innovative changes but also offers opportunities to adopt them.  

Reprocess or reuse beneficial skills: Knowledge management solutions help in keeping track of fruitful and failed business efforts. This process allows companies to identify the strategies or skills that have benefitted them; hence, they can employ those skills again. 

Improved communication: Knowledge management software assists in better collaborations among the organizational public, with which the workforce can communicate with each other, maintaining transparency and attain efficiency.  

Open Source Knowledge Management Tools

The top Open source software list is given below:


eXo is an open-source social collaboration platform for businesses looking to engage their workforce. This tool is made to support growing companies and large enterprises in overriding traditional intranets by connecting employees and information in a single platform. Moreover, it is a fully functional intra-team collaboration platform. Furthermore, it has document collaboration that can be set up with access permissions and version control.

  • It has Project management capabilities to monitor and assign tasks. 
  • This tool is also customizable for branding, layout, and user experience requirements. 
  • Integration is easy with current applications and the IT environment.

With Documize, you can centralize and manage internal documents with the ability for external parties to view and access them. You can also create a knowledge base for your products, services, and processes. 

You can also assign tasks or secure approvals within your documents and communicate them to the interested parties so you can collaborate in real time. This open-source software eliminates the need to constantly update documents because you can see an overview of progress. 


  • Documize captures and centralizes the information required. 
  • This tool also organizes the content with proper spaces, labels, and categorization. 
  • It Can import word content. 
  • Above all, it has a library of reusable templates and snippets catalog

phpMyFAQ is one of the top open source knowledge management tools designed mainly for AQ content management systems. It enables you to create and manage your FAQ records with the ability to comment and collaborate. 

With this tool, you can assign user or group-based permissions and record restrictions for viewing, creating, or editing content. It has a powerful search to help users conveniently find questions and answers in all languages or in one category. 


  • phpMyFAQ delivers complete control over administrators, categories, FAQ records, comments, attachments, glossary items, etc. 
  • Moreover, it is a powerful search feature that helps you find the information you require in a single click. 
  • It also assured high-end security as the software includes LDAP and HTTP authentication with SSO support.

OpenKM platform is specifically made for businesses seeking document and records management solutions. This tool helps businesses build a controlled repository of information that will help facilitate knowledge creation and sharing among teams and working groups. 


  • Quick and appealing user interface. 
  • It can be translated into multiple global languages. 
  • Automatic virus scanning of uploaded documents. 
  • OpenKM has an elaborate dashboard providing in-depth information at a glance. 
  • It includes Microsoft Office Add-In support from version 2000 to 2013


The open source tool Zendesk Guide helps you to build a smart knowledge base, enabling you to answer the questions of your customers. It also provides prompt responses to many problems. It helps to build a customized help center for customers so that they get connected to your agents seamlessly and avail of excellent support services. 

Zendesk guide helps capture the agents’ experience and use that knowledge for future queries to achieve efficiency and perfection. With this tool, businesses can get access to AI-powered tools through which businesses can respond to customers while human agents are busy finding solutions to their problems. 


  • This tool helps to create a customized online service center, empowering customers to access answers and solutions to their queries.


This software is a knowledge management system that captures and stores documents, images, emails, webpages, etc., regardless of the length or format of the file. The information delivered is compressed with the help of an integrated zip utility and stored in the tree-structured outline form. 


  • myBase Provides a user-friendly interface. 
  • Further, it can organize information in tree-structured outline form. 
  • This tool helps to categorize content using hierarchical labels. 
  • Moreover, it also supports large files but for less than 2 GB. 
  • It has a high-end security feature as each piece of content is protected by a password. 
  • Above all, it supports HTML/Rich text formatting & editing.

This tool is a free and open-source knowledge management system. The LogicalDOC is a source code available for anyone who would like to build a customized knowledge management system. It is also comprehensive enough to solve all document management needs, including capturing, modifying, and sharing. 


  • Firstly, it consists of a multilingual interface that can work on desktops of both iOS and Android systems. 
  • Moreover, it allows users to search documents based on the search queries inserted. 
  • Above all, it helps in collaborating with your associates through an internal messaging system, address book, and integrated contacts.


OpenDocMan is a free and open-source software developed using PHP. This web-based software has high control over delivering access to the users, enabling automatic upgrades and installations. 


  • This tool allows centralized document storage and management. 
  • It also allows you to provide limited access to the users. 
  • Helps in tracking the work log so that you can view which users have added/edited/downloaded the documents. 
  • Facilitates reviewing and approving files. 
  • Quick search facility by author name, department, or category.


Piggydb is an open-source knowledge-building platform that can add your content and as your knowledge base grows. It also enables you to streamline and elaborate your imputed content. Moreover, it becomes a significant knowledge base that you can use for educating your employees, clients, and associates. 


  • Helps you in creating your knowledge fragments and categorizing them based on topic, ideas, etc. 
  • Upload documents with XML and pig extensions. 
  • Enables you to organize and streamline the entire content in one place. 
  • Search and browse the content using versatile filters. 

User Testimonials of Open source Knowledge Management Tools: 

Alex, IT Manager of a leading Tech Company, states, “Open source knowledge base software has been such a fantastic tool for us. Its integration process was convenient, and the tool enabled us to operate quickly within the organization.” 

Diane, Operations Head of a popular real estate firm, shares, “Data and resources have great significance in our domain as it includes information from various sections such as engineering, architecture, construction, and others. Therefore, knowledge management solutions assist us immensely by sharing timely data and information among the concerned people quickly.” 

Patrick, a Marketing Manager from a production company, states, “Effective collaboration and innovation are a must in our organization that knowledge management tools make easier.”

Features of Open Source Knowledge Management Tools

The knowledge management system is a unified storehouse where clients can make, improve, store, and discover the data just as they reply to their inquiries, assisting them with grasping corporate information further utilized in their key workspaces. 

Hence, here are some important features of knowledge management software are as given below: 

  • Integrations – With this knowledge, management software is equipped to incorporate frameworks like CRM, helpdesk, organization sites, long-range interpersonal communication stages, etc. 
  • Search – This tool helps find the content the users need based on the keywords they input in the search box. 
  • Content Compilation – It should facilitate content compilation from internal and external sources and store it in such a way that it is easily available as and when required. 
  • Knowledge Distribution – Enables the distribution of the content through emails, notifications, etc. 
  • Permission Setting – All users of knowledge management software don’t hold an equal position or require all the content available. This should facilitate delivering permissions to the users based on their position and requirements. 
  • Dashboard – This software should have a dashboard providing information at a glance. 
  • Reports – Here, businesses get help in making informed decisions. 

Without a doubt, information the board programming is the way to better dynamic and guide your business the correct way. Our group of specialists, after careful examination and study, have concocted these 10 free and open-source information onboard programming, making it simple for you to choose the one that best suits your business needs.



Open-source knowledge management tools offer a lot quicker way of addressing issues in practically no time and simultaneously reduce the need to contact your helpdesk or client support. Then again, you can support the strengthening of your labor force by giving them a way of discovering basic data as quickly as expected. 

This assists your business with developing in light of the fact that your representatives realize what to do and share their issues so others can resolve or keep away from them later on. Read our blogs to elevate your knowledge of the latest tools and technologies for businesses.

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