A Quick Introduction to AI as a Service

Artificial Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS) is basically third-party offering of artificial intelligence outsourcing. It allows individuals and companies to experiment with AI for various purposes without large initial investment and with lower risk.

An introduction to AI as a Service
Published By - Kelsey Taylor

Now that we have discussed the SaaS, PaaS and IaaS we will now dig a little something about the next XaaS platform; the AIaaS. Artificial Intelligence as a Service is starting to become omnipresent in every sector. Whether it’s Healthcare, IT Service Management, Agriculture, Cloud, Call Centers and Customer Experience, Manufacturing the AI is employable in every way possible. And is being furthermore researched. AI together with Machine and Deep Learning, is resetting the limits of Industries by catering impressive automating processes, personalisation to users, disrupting digital age and defining how we work.

AI as a Service is the outsourcing of Artificial Intelligence by a third party offering. This allows other organisations to take advantage of and experiment with Artificial Intelligence without more massive investments and risk. Mostly AIaaS platforms use Machine learning APIs and pipelines while delivering AI as a Service to other individuals and companies. Initially, MLaaS also became a thing, but gradually the AI took over as the Mother of Machine Learning completely.

We have had a discussion on this topic quite a few times by now. Nonetheless, AI is a vast topic to discuss, and there are many AI Algorithms and AI as services and software tools by far. Furthermore, there is a high and a low level of AI too. High-level AI solves many complex but standardised problems. AI will be playing a massive role in the upcoming technology and inventions that could boost your businesses.

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As of today, multiple AI provider platforms offer many styles of ML & AI. Choosing the right AIaaS platform can be straining as the providers do not disclose their algorithms implementation but give APIs instead. That is why testing of the services is necessary before its application.

According to Zion Market Research survey on AIaaS,

Global Artificial Intelligence in service (AIaaS) market in 2017 was valued approx. USD 1.06 billion. It is furthermore to achieve approximately USD 14.71 billion by 2024, growing at a CAGR (Compound Annual heavily in the development of prediction and maintenance systems for the energy industry. They soon will deploy these systems on the cloud too.

The digital Assistance and intelligent bots cover a big piece in the AI services. Recently, a launch of Contact Center AI ALPHA by Google was added to the revolution of AI services. These “Virtual Agents” in the call centre will connect directly to the customers’ query through their phone.

AIOps platforms integrate the machine learning and big data ability and support IT operations in functions like monitoring or replace classical APM and NPMD tools. Its nature of better precision has made it more desirable for analytical purposes & lead scoring.

For assistance to patients and doctors in a Surgery to drug development researches, Artificial Intelligence is Transforming the Healthcare Industry with a greater force. Even Small and Medium enterprises are relishing better efficiency, automation and customer support and services through AIaaS.

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