9 Ways to Repurpose Content for Social Media

Ways to Repurpose Content for Social Media
Published By - Kelsey Taylor

Content repurposing is all about putting or presenting the same information in a new way to extend our brand’s reach. It’s one of the effective ways to catch the audience’s attention.

Textual blogs might not be appropriate for your content piece. So, by repurposing your existing content into videos, infographics, images, quotes can help you to generate more traffic on your websites.

Repurposed Content Helping with Increase in Website Traffic & Subscriber Numbers

Benjamin Hardy started blogging in May 2015. With the motive of increasing readership on his website, he started to repurpose his published blog content on Medium.

He was able to add 20,000 subscribers to his list from Medium within 6 months. He simply added his blog posts on blogging platforms, from where readers would land on to his site, thereby increasing traffic numbers and subscribers as well in turn.

Content Repurposing Checklist: What kind of Content can be Re-shared?

Find your Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is always relevant. It’s the content that keeps bringing traffic to the site and can prove to be a boost on social media platforms.

These contents are the type of content that stay valuable and relevant over a long stretch of time. So, it makes sense to continuously repurpose this content in different forms (be it an infographic, video, etc.).

Review the Most Popular Post

You can review your website analytics to see which post was the most popular or have performed the best in the past few months or years.

Since we get an idea that people are looking out for this sort of content, we can definitely transform this content into multiple forms and re-share it with appropriate gaps.

The Content You Can Expand On

If you have a popular and evergreen content, but it has some outdated references or numbers or facts, then you must update it.

Refer to updated sources, add relevant images, and expand on certain parts of the topic which has seen any development in the recent past.

Then, not only you can update it for search engines but also re-share it on social media channels as well.

What are the Benefits of Repurposing Content?

Helps you reach a new audience

In most cases, your textual blog or content may have a limited number of readers.

But by repurposing your content in a different form which is appropriate for relevant social media platforms may allow you to reach a new set of audience.

Diversifies Your Content

Repurposing the same content into various social media platforms will help you to achieve consistent messaging as well adds to the diversification of the same content across multiple channels.

Saves Time and Effort

When you repurpose your content, you can yield a higher output with lesser input. This would save your time and effort in trying to attain better results.

Different Ways to Repurpose Content for Social Media

Creating Infographics

People like infographics as it helps explain the content in a very concise and appealing way which is easy to digest rather than reading a long-form text.

One can create an infographic styled image consisting of all the useful information in the most presentable way and promote it on various social media channels like Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr, and many more.

Take a look at your content and transform it into new media and choose a size for the same which would be apt for sharing across different devices.

Creating Video

Remodeling your textual content into a video is another one of the excellent ways to repurpose your content. Video content usually generates a good amount of traffic on social media.

Currently, Instagram has a feature of IGTV where you can post long videos.

Food-based publishers have taken full advantage of IGTV by posting cooking related videos that have been taken well by the audience and helped them improve their reach.

Posting Quotes

Remodeling your content into a quote that helps convey the meaning of entire content is a very exciting form of repurposed content, especially on social media.

Twitter in particular is one of the aptest platforms to do so, as it has a word limit, so you need to keep your content short.

Using Different Headlines & Captions

You can re-share a piece of content multiple times on social media, by having different titles or headlines each time you’re posting it.

These headlines or titles should be catchy enough and focus on a different segment of the audience each time.

Re-sharing the content this way does not have any drawbacks, it’s just that you should change the title and images whenever you re-share that same piece of content.

Sharing your Content on Forums or Q/A Platforms

The purpose of your post is to inform the public on a particular topic. Sharing your content on discussion forums or on Q/A websites or by simply commenting will bring traffic to your content and increase engagement with the public.

The purpose here can also be to share such a content of yours which incites a reaction from the audience. You can always re-share your topic with a slight spin to make it enticing for readers.

Informational Articles into an Answer on Quora

You can answer questions on Quora which are related to your content, along with a link to your article. This will fulfill two goals in one: promote your content and solve queries of others.

It could also be so that your content consists of detailed information on various sets of topics.

This way you can use that blog multiple times to address different questions of users on Q/A platforms like Quora or any other for that matter.

Updating Old Post

The post, which was most engaging a year ago, might not be that engaging today. So, you can definitely update that post and publish it again.

Updates can include changing certain facts, adding new statistics, or maybe adding some sort of multimedia to make that much more engaging.

Republishing your post or simply updating that post will help you stay relevant with your readers.

Creating a Presentation

Creating a slide share or presentation can turn your otherwise monotonous content into an easy read.

Sharing these presentations or slides on relevant social media channels can provide additional opportunities for customer engagement.

Hosting a Webinar

The next step of video content is a webinar, which allows you to present your topic to the audience and engage with your audience in a conversation.

Platforms like Facebook and Instagram Live are great for webinars, as it will enable the viewer to drop comments on your live feed.


Repurposing your content might seem like the easiest way to attract more audience engagement but it has to make sense when you’re repurposing a particular content (Don’t just do it for the sake of doing it).

Any piece of content can be repurposed in multiple ways.

It all depends on what type of content you have currently, what is your idea behind repurposing that content and on what particular platforms are you planning to re-share that content.

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