Virtual Agents and the new AI Revolution in Contact Center

These “virtual Agents” will be the first to answer the queries through the phone in the customer’s call center.

    Virtual Agents in Contact Center
    Published By - Kelsey Taylor

    Artificial intelligence is reaching and discovering new milestones every now and then. While realising the present ones, a new landmark is being conceived by the creative minds of human.

    This time Google is transforming the contact center with enhanced AI-Powered bots. Some days ago, Google announced the launch of Contact Center AI  and added to the new AI Revolution

    It’s the second time this quarter that a Google announcement is rocking the contact center world.

    First Announcement: The Google Duplex-

    During the Google, I/O 2018 event (8 May 2018 – 10 May 2018), “Google Duplex” was rolled out.

    It features a robot which sounds exactly like a real human. The robot gets in a conversation with an individual without him realising that he was actually talking to an AI agent.

    The “Google Duplex” is a big step forward for the Artificial intelligence Revolution. Virtual Agents is a new technology for carrying out natural conversations in the “real world” tasks over the phone.

    The AI-Powered software direct towards fulfilling specific tasks, for example scheduling specific types of appointments.

    It uses natural-sounding words and manner with phrases like “um” and “uh” in most possible sentences.

    While conversing, the A.I. system can also handle interruptions and elaborate. This is a pretty huge leap in the AI-Powered software domain.

    At the Google Duplex center, there is a recurrent neural network, built using a machine learning platform known as TensorFlow Extend (TFX).

    Second Announcement: Contact Center AI

    Google says that it is working with Genesys, CISCO and many, on new Artificial Intelligence Technology to replace and ease the work in growing Call Centers.

    The new software is “Contact Center AI” which will install virtual agents. These “virtual Agents” will be the first to answer the queries through the phone in the customer’s contact center.

    Not long ago, we saw the Virtual Assistant instantly becoming a thing with AI assistants like Alexa of Amazon, Apple’s Siri and Google Home and by the AI chatbots all over the apps and websites.

    Most of them are proven representatives of how well the artificial intelligence makes our work and daily life much more comfortable and accessible.

    This time the Virtual Agents are set to prove their worth. But with this comes the fear of Robots taking up the space of humans in the workforce.

    Nevertheless, even with the virtual agents here the days of robots working between us humans, as we see in movies like I, Robot is quite far away from reality.

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