Reuploads targeted by YouTube’s copyright match tool

YouTube is targeting malpractices such as reuploads with its new copyright match tool. It specifically scans for reuploads of the same videos or closely similar videos which have been garnering considerable traffic.

Reuploads targeted by YouTube's copyright match tool
Published By - Kelsey Taylor

How many times have you seen a video on YouTube which has become quite popular, and then rewatching the same video in a couple of weeks?

This is a very rampant practice on YouTube where some monetised channels pick up popular videos with millions of views and re-upload the same video on their channel with the plan to make up to a quarter of a million views and earn free money off someone else’s content.

To counter these malpractices, a YouTube new update has been launched which uses a copyright match tool similar to the current content ID match tool but specifically scans for reuploads of the same videos or closely similar videos.

YouTube Removing Unauthorized Re-uploads

YouTube has released a statement that it cares about the content by creators on the website, and they would not want anyone else using the content to make money off it illegitimately. But they have empowered the creators themselves for this.

When the YouTube copyright match tool detects any re-upload, it simply contacts the original creator via email and demands an action on the video which is either to allow the video to remain or demand the video be taken down. The video’s authenticity is verified based on the time of the upload of the first video. The earlier uploaded video is considered as the original content.

This YouTube new feature though is not applicable to small clips being used in other original videos. Only complete videos are analyzed and detected, which means there is a scope of being loopholes, but they will be working on fixing them.
This feature has been launched as per the YouTube report and is available to channels who have a subscriber base of 100,000 and above only. This seems a bit unfair, but then again, those are the only channels whose videos are being re-uploaded.

This is a good move by YouTube as not only does this protect the content from plagiarism and unauthorized use, but also helps them in eliminating duplication of data on their servers, and thus making it more efficient to store more data and reduce costs of maintaining larger storage spaces.

But it all finally depends on the creators doing their part of allowing the website to take down the re-uploaded videos, lest shall any creator allow the re-upload stating flattery to self, it shall backfire on YouTube, which is definitely not expected to happen.

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