A brief on AR, VR, and Mixed Reality Applications

Read a brief input on the three types of realities and know how they are related and differentiated...

A brief on AR, VR, and Mixed Reality Applications
Published By - Kelsey Taylor

Let us start with AR and VR.

A complete immersion into the world of computer generated reality gives a Virtual Experience. An ideal virtual Reality will be caused with the mix of all five senses, i.e., Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste, and Touch” at a time, needless to say, it is not always possible at the moment. VR simulations can provide a realistic visual experience in Tourism, Shopping, treat patients suffering from some sorts od phobia, paranoia and anxiety to a certain extent. Many pieces of VR are in the market right now namely-

  • Oculus Go
  • HTC Vive
  • PlayStation VR
  • Samsung Gear VR
  • Google Cardboard/daydream view

Whereas, in Augmented Reality, we merely experience bits of virtually placed graphics, video, sound or GPS data and Info over a real-world view. The most common example for AR is your phone’s GPS Locator. You may furthermore experience Augmented Reality in-

  • Magic Leap
  • Ikea
  • Google Glass
  • Snapchat filters

Mixed Reality is a hybrid of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

In MR you have computer generated or digitally created graphics blended with your real-world view. Not just that it furthermore helps you in anchoring and interacting with objects virtually placed in your actual world environment. Yes, MR and AR are much closer to each other and may create some confusion. MR is a more engaging and interactive form of augmented reality. The objects in the Hybrid Reality are closer to the real world applications.

Mixed Reality

Source: Wikipedia

So let us consider a Hybrid aka Mixed Reality application; Hololens. The Hololens HMD (Head Mounted Display) is a creation of Microsoft that contains advanced sensors which detect your interaction within the mixed environment. It reads the information of how you converse with the digital data present in your real view environment. Thus supplying the final result of the course with the help of video holograms, pictures etc.

The Hololens is a type Holographic device Mixed reality example. Other than that, there are Immersive devices like Acer Windows Mixed Reality Headset and HP Windows Mixed Reality Headset Developer Edition. These HMDs are non-translucent and completely block out the reality. Moreover, they use a camera for tracking and monitoring purposes.

Hybrid Reality can be applied in educational purposes, as in mechanics and medical training. It helps in assistance of workers by giving proper directions. It interacts with the real world scenario accordingly and comes up with better solutions and practices.

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