Is Artificial Intelligence all Set to Disrupt Digital Marketing?

Artificial Intelligence acts as a catalyst when it comes to making machine intelligent and hence, steps up the game of devices to a different level.

Is Artificial Intelligence all Set to Disrupt Digital Marketing
Published By - Kelsey Taylor

We see Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing sometimes even without noticing. We recently saw it in Virtual Reality of Oculus Go, Autonomous Cars by Google Waymo and Tesla, Chatbots, and Mars Rover Launch. The majority number of companies are either already in Artificial Intelligence or are planning for it.

Artificial Intelligence acts as a catalyst when it comes to making machine intelligent and hence, steps up the game of devices to a different level. The human mind has always been captivated by AI. Be it the Iron Man’s Jarvis, Matrix, I-Robot or the Star Wars. We have always been charmed by the knacks and possibilities of the AI in our lives. However of course, with it, comes the fear factor of losing jobs.

Let us look into some apparent benefits of the Artificial Intelligence:

  • More data storage capacity and storage optimisation.
  • Assistance with daily mundane works like adjusting the temperature and adjusting the lighting at home, better games like in VRs and other media and entertainment sources.
  • No humanly errors plus better precision.
  • Our mobile apps such as GPS, social media, food ordering apps and chat services or voice assistants like Siri or Alexa run on AI algorithms.

So does digital Marketing need Artificial Intelligence?

Well, of course, yes. AI gives the marketers better and sophisticated tools & techs to automate their task, lesser manual effort, and optimise time. Perfection has always been the motivation for the human race to develop and develop more. Also, we have already discussed the five fields that have been the best for AI this year.

Almost everything that’s digital has gone AI. This year has witnessed considerable positiveness amongst marketers concerning its process and usage. Apart from providing better tools of marketing automation in campaigning and reaching the target audience, let’s see how the Artificial Intelligence help in Digital Marketing:

Prediction and Forecasting:

Whenever a user browses through the internet every specification, like the medium of searched and viewed pages, every like and dislike, is noted and stored as ‘new data’. This data is collected and stored for AI analytics.

This information in digital marketing is viewed as a user’s interest, needs, behaviour, and what could they be looking for in the future. So that marketer can draft their focus and strategy in the correct direction and thus supply relevant information. Via artificial intelligence, is how the crawlers can present you with a list of the products related to your search instantly. Google’s ‘instant autocomplete suggestions’ and ‘Did you also mean’ result system use AI algorithm.

Maximum ROI:

With Artificial Intelligence enabled software, it is now possible to get a detailed description of an image. When it comes to Image Detection and Recognition, Amazon Rekognition, powered by Deep Learning, works just like a human brain with precision. It can analyse your age and mood by your face. It can tell the difference between a cat and a dog and even their breed. This power is accessible from a set of APIs. It is advantageous in various ways for multiple sectors. For banking and financial sector, Artificial Intelligence faces recognition is leveraged for smoother payment processes and superior customer security.

The humongous amount of images in social media and different sites can be leveraged by AI to perceive consumer patterns, behaviours, and needs. AI software than compare it to draw results, to understand the buyer’s demographics like gender, age group, and location. This process, in turn, tells the service provider about the potential areas and presents a better decision-making algorithm to generate greater Return on Investment.


Chatbots positively enhance consumer experiences. AI Chatbots simulates human conversations through either voice controls or text messages or both of these. With chatbots, online support interactions are conducted without any problems, as AI can easily foretell a buyer’s psychology and judgments. It uses this info to solve issues later on. It showcases its deep learning. AI showcases a natural and intuitive interface that can help to augment user’s journey. The customer is provided with information that they would need later on.

Various firms are building artificially intelligent Chatbots, using open APIs to assist you with various tasks. Over the past couple of years brands like Amazon, IBM, H&M, Starbucks, and National Geographic have started experimenting with AI Chatbots. On facebook messenger, there are more than 34000 chatbots. It verifies that firms are now capitalising on Chatbots to create a better experience and new revenue ways using AI.

In digital marketing, AI implementation makes things more relaxed when it comes to handling multiple users optimally. For years, people were anticipating outcomes of Artificial Intelligence in the future. Now finally, Artificial  Intelligence sees its dawn with a good grip on innovation, ease, revenue and profitability. The next step in AI ladder is to create a path for marketing, to uncover what users need and want as soon as they want.


Kelsey manages Marketing and Operations at HiTechNectar since 2010. She holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration and Management. A tech fanatic and an author at HiTechNectar, Kelsey covers a wide array of topics including the latest IT trends, events and more. Cloud computing, marketing, data analytics and IoT are some of the subjects that she likes to write about.

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