Top 12 Data Deduplication Software

Top 12 Data Deduplication Software

The data deduplication solution is designed to pull out any duplicate entries in a data set. These tools and software help any business clean, correct, manage and secure their stored data regularly.

Be it your mailing lists, central database, spreadsheets, or CRM’s; data hygiene is a decisive issue that needs a constant lookout point.

Its ignorance leads to endless data problems such as; high storage requirements, cost and security issues, duplicate blocks creating excessive copies, and high processing overhead.

Deduplication helps in cost savings on disk purchases, infrastructure, and energy requirements.

It enables better use of network bandwidth and storage devices, improving overall business workflow.

Top 12 Data Deduplication Software Providers to Manage Redundant Data:


Simpana software is the newer version by Commvault for the deduplication process. This new generation process is a complete package for all the data backup requirements with full accuracy.

Deduplication in Commvault keeps the redundant data in the storage on a check.

Each data block read is given a unique signature with the help of a hash algorithm.

These are then stored in the deduplication database. On the basis of the signature comparison activity, the system stores or rejects the data accordingly.

The signature matching process takes place at the MediaAgent level.

Commvault Simpana deduplication process offers:

  • Critical user data activity capture.
  • Efficient use of time and network bandwidth.
  • Faster auxiliary copy operation.
  • Remote office protection.
  • Tape retention process and management.

Dell EMC

Dell/EMC DD Series is a high-performance deduplication storage system. To optimize backup performance and functionality, it leverages a speedy, inline, and sub-block level deduplication technique.

You can very easily integrate it into the existing environment with present backup or archiving software.

This CPU-centric system catches up to 99% replication bandwidth reduction in a standard backup environment.

The Dell EMC deduplication tool offers:

  • Store and backup more data with less disk and less tape.
  • Continuous fault detection and healing.
  • End-to-end verification of data recoverability
  • Excellent support for an enterprise environment.

DQ Global

DQ Perfect & Merge™ (P&M) is a leading data cleansing and deduplication solution. It works inside the Dynamics 365 and ensures the data is duplicate free in your CRM.

It also allows the user to fully automate the matching, best record & field detection, and merging processes. It has an easy plug-in installation process with your CRM application.

The user can manually review multiple records simultaneously. Smooth configuration and auto-merging of records; this could avoid re-examination of matching duplicates.

It utilizes the advanced fuzzy matching algorithms to review and manage all the copies in your CRM accurately.


Druva’s global deduplication is a source-based approach that aims to deliver substantial value to any data protection strategy.

It ensures continuous data availability through deduplication performed on backup appliances, cloud-based storage, and hyper-converged infrastructure.

Druva’s source-deduplication approach first processes at-source or on client chunking and hashing.

After creating a hash, the tool verifies whether the particular chunk is unique or not. The unique ones are sent and stored in the Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) individually.

The main benefits include:

  • Minimum network congestion and faster processing.
  • Single dedupe indexing to maintain data singularity.
  • Storage cost optimization- charges are according to the amount of storage consumption.
  • Uses 64K or 1Mbyte chunk sizes, reducing the of metadata amount.


ExaGrid uses zone-level deduplication and is a backup application-agnostic. This approach was adopted to gain the best of both; byte-level deduplication and block-level deduplication. The ExaGrid dedupe software;

  • Does not require flash storage to accelerate hash table lookups.
  • Has a fixed-length backup window irrespective of data expansion.
  • Offers high scalability with lower hardware costs.
  • Supports a broad range of backup application support.


HPE StoreOnce is a flexible and high availability software, which offers disk-based backup and deduplication. It provides a scalable, unified deduplication architecture for higher accuracy and performance.

The HPE StoreOnce software works on managing and simplifying the hybrid infrastructure and its data storage. It enables lower bandwidth usage with lower-cost links to transmit data offsite.

It diminishes the storage requirement to store backup data sets without affecting backup performance. To be accurate, it reduces the disk space requirement by 20x in normal conditions.

HPE StoreOnce deduplication offers:

  • A typical deduplication ratio of 20:1.
  • Lower cost of data protection.
  • More stored backup data in a smaller footprint.
  • Pay-as-you grows pricing model.


IBM ProtecTIER manager offers lower environmental costs data deduplication solution to store data to disk arrays.

Also known as IBM HyperFactor, the software provides an inline data deduplication approach for the client.

This TS7650 ProtecTIER deduplication engine maintains the full quality of backup data by storing unique data and simultaneously tracking all references.

No alteration is necessary for the customer’s existing data protection processes for deployment.

ProtecTIER’s deduplication features include:

  • Deduplication with over 900 MB/s clustered node support.
  • Emulates a traditional tape library.
  • Quick data and file recovery.
  • Hardware, power and cooling, and management cost reduction.
  • The repository size does not affect the throughput. 

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MatchUp from Melissa is a reliable and swift all-in-one tool to scrub the database. It has a simple and easy-to-use interface to take out duplicate records.

This easy to use deduplication software cleanses your lists accurately in different formats.

MatchUp quickly identifies multiple records of similar addresses, city, name, state, and ZIP structures. Its additional benefits include;

  • All in one, pass CASS processing and deduplication ability.
  • Easy file merging with different field structures.
  • Sixteen prebuilt filters and simple filter personalization.


NetApp FAS Series offers the deduplication solution for storage efficiency to gain optimal savings and high performance. It can operate on NetApp or any third-party primary, secondary, and archive storage.

The technology is applicable to new data or previously stored data in volumes and LUNs. The NetApp deduplication solution is a zero data-loss technology.

This implies that it could be run as an inline process as well as a background process. This dual approach serves to maximize the overall savings.

Other key features include:

  • Duly runs on off-peak times too.
  • No extra cost.
  • Operable on NetApp AFF, FAS, hybrid, and V-Series storage systems.
  • Protocol independent.
  • Significantly reduced overhead.


Quantum DXi provides advanced inline data deduplication, increasing disk capacities by 10-50 times. It utilizes variable-length deduplication for maximum performance across all applications.

Quantum’s Dedupe technology approach is to divide the data into variable-length blocks. The unique signatures are then used to identify duplicate blocks.

It stores a pointer to the initial one instead of keeping another duplicate in case of any catch.

The pointer methodology takes up lesser space than the data block practice. Thus, resulting in disk requirements reduction and more recovery points.

Additional features include:

  • Network bandwidth requirements reduction by a factor of 20 or more.
  • Decreases the amount of disk necessary to hold backup data by at least 90%.
  • Preserves disk performance for backup and restore without affecting the dedupe performance.


Veritas NetBackup offers dedupe options that are also known as Deduplication everywhere. The platform has the following options available for organizations:

  • Client deduplication
  • Media server deduplication
  • NetBackup appliance deduplication

Deduplication everywhere process significantly optimizes the data storage capacity.

It also reduces the backup bandwidth and lets you control the backup windows. You are free to choose any point in the backup process to perform the deduplication process.


WinPure is a popular data quality platform that offers lightning speed processing for matching and deduplication solution.

It is a simple and powerful tool that provides the best-rated data quality software for all businesses.

WinPure Clean & match software provides seven cleansing modules & fuzzy matching for high efficiency and data quality.

Its benefits also include match bought-in data; to avoid sending data intended for other customer target groups.

WinPure data deduplication software offers:

  • Create single or multi-level matching.
  • Advanced phonetic algorithms, with deduplication on multiple data categories.
  • Excellent customer support.
  • Highly available and affordable solution.
  • Master Record Rule Creator.


Deduplication has become a major technology requirement in businesses.

Its demand is constantly elevating in backup and disaster recovery applications as well as in data storage services.

Thus, an increasing amount of database solution providers are digging the deduplication technology potential to its core.

The list has become endless in this era of worldwide digital transformation. There are many more platforms that provide you deduplication services including

  • Revinetix
  • RingLead
  • Barracuda Backup
  • Netrics
  • Revinetix

The wide availability of dedupe technology simultaneously generates unlimited opportunities for a more flexible system. You can find a more accurate solution covering all your demands for any particular environment.

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