8 Best Data Loss Prevention Tools

8 Best Data Loss Prevention Tools

Every firm requires a data loss prevention framework, tools & strategies to avoid data from being mishandled or deleted in the scale or business sector.

The aim is to focus on safeguarding important, critical, or essential data. For example, vital restorative records, financial data, and digital property.

DLP involves protecting and controlling the organization’s critical data efficiently with various techniques.

This includes creating a customer’s workspace to a USB stick and having formal guidelines about sharing classified information.

Here, we have brought this list of the best Data Loss Prevention tools for 2021. The business will need these tools to protect and manage your company’s data successfully.

Best Data Loss Prevention Tools

1. Code42

Code42 is an efficient data safeguarding software for cooperative as well as small enterprises. It issues visibility to off-network file activities like web uploads & cloud sync applications.

It can quickly trace, cross-check, and respond to data removal or adding by remote employees. Code42 processes data files like a SIEM tool that works well with data logs.

It monitors data logs, backing them up and restoring the original version should any changes be made. Code42 checks every approach to operate on the data files and deletes any copy or transfer accounts.


  • Code42 issues activity notifications for the file type, size, or count.
  • One can see the complete user activities and profiles to help increase the speed of examination.
  • It allows secure participation by checking the correct usage of pre-approved 3rd party tools. Also, it unveils the corrupt apps that may indicate a breach in the entire corporate software.
  • Code42 will pinpoint risky activity.

Price: Code42 offers two plans, Incydr Basic & Incydr Advanced. One can get a contact for pricing plans. A free demo is available for 60 days.

2. Endpoint DLP Plus

Endpoint DLP Plus stands out from competitors because of the extensive coverage given to the protection of third-party apps and their data. Protect your enterprise from insider threats and prevent data leakage through removable storage devices, printers, native email, web email, file uploads, desktop applications, clipboard, and screen capture across your IT network.


  • Data rules, with custom and template rules, mark data as sensitive if matched
  • Supports data containerization, which classifies trusted apps as ‘Enterprise-friendly’, and all data that originates from the use of these apps is considered sensitive
  • Using false-positive remediation, files that do not contain critical data are not considered sensitive
  • Centralized console for ease of control

Price: Endpoint DLP Plus has a subscription structure of $7.95 per user.

3. Symantec’s Data Loss Prevention

Symantec‘s Data Loss Prevention solution combines user activity tracking with data risk controls. It can scan data on servers, desktops, mobile devices, and in the cloud.

Upon initial installation, it identifies all locations that hold sensitive data. Also, gives you the option to remove it from a central management server, a secure data repository, or secure it in place.

The tool logs feature can access critical data and checks the accounts that have raised alerts. Any essential documents are encrypted and can only be seen by authorized users.

The tool also ensures that discarded copies and retired documents are destroyed. Thereby, leaving no recoverable memory versions.


  • Symantec Data Loss Protection has attributes of automated incident recovery with the framework. Also, it has one-click Smart Responses that will allow you to reply if critical data loss ever occurs.
  • It provides scalability to fine-tune policies so that you can balance security as well as productivity.
  • Symantec can provide visibility and control over the data at rest or in the cloud apps.
  • It gets Information Central Analytics. This feature will focus on risky behavior, identify malicious users, and provide a better way to manage and respond to incidents.

Price: You can get a contact for pricing plans. According to reviews, the Symantec DLP Enterprise suite can cost you $72.99 for one license.

4. McAfee Total Protection for Data Loss Prevention

McAfee Total Protection for Data Loss Prevention is, like some other systems, highly scalable and can be tailored for your company’s needs. The significant difference is that it puts importance on analytics.

Indeed, McAfee leads one step ahead of most of its competitors by searching methods through which data may have been disclosed in the absence of internal compliance policies & regulations.

It is a good option for small organizations that wouldn’t have definite corporate rules and regulations.

This tool incorporates an artificial intelligence system that can pinpoint and focus on more sensitive data.


  • McAfee supplies distinctiveness through data capture technology.
  • This will give you a bird’s eye view of how the data is being used and how it is leaked.
  • It has a more robust data classification feature to identify and classify data.
  • McAfee can cipher, process, redirect, isolate, or delete data connectivity against any rules.

Price: You can get a contact for pricing details.

5. Digital Guardian Endpoint DLP

The Digital Guardian Endpoint DLP begins the process by scanning through the user’s system for vital information.

The tool tags those locations and tracks all events that occur at these locations It can coordinate with the Windows, Mac OS, and Linux OSs, and its tracking features reach out to various cloud resources.

Digital Guardian introduces a partner tool that will build networks of various devices to safeguard against any future data loss events.

This partner system can close all connections on computers present in the network and monitor the network’s devices.


  • Digital Guardian provides a comprehensive classification feature that will allow you for data-discovery and classification based on content, user, and context.
  • Digital Guardian has an unknown risk policy that will let one know where the sensitive data is found, how it operates, which area is risky, and that without regulations.
  • It supports cross-platform apps, web-based applications, and native applications.

Price: You can get a contact for pricing

6. CoSoSys Endpoint Protector

Endpoint Protector by CoSoSys is a DLP software that can detect, check, and protect critical data. It is an upgraded multi-OS data loss prevention strategy. It makes sure of all the regulatory compliances.

Endpoint Protector’s data security solution is accessible to various industries like Banking, Service, Finance, Manufacturing, and Media.

It has characteristics for deleting records. CoSoSys executes content check-up and data examination for these tools and applications such as Outlook, Dropbox, MS Teams, etc.

It is available as a cloud service. It can perform Enforced Encryption cipher for Windows as well as Mac OSs.


  • Endpoint Protector provides a feature of Device Control that will give you precise and granular control of your data. Also, a facility to grant temporary access remotely.
  • It provides the characteristics of Content-Aware DLP. This feature will execute content inspections and scanning of data for software and applications.
  • Enforced encryption is a feature that will encode, process, and secure USB and cloud storage.
  • Endpoint Protector’s enforced cipher is password-dependent and straightforward to use. It can scan critical data stored on Windows, Mac, and Linux OS and remotely take recovery actions.

Price: You can get contact them for pricing details. A demo is also available on request.

7. Forcepoint DLP

Forcepoint provides personalized, scalable, and robust data security. It will help to block measures only when required and hence achieve productivity.

Forcepoint ensures regulatory compliance across 80+ countries for GDPR, CCPA, etc. This will prevent any unwanted or high-level data breaches.

Forcepoint has a vast predefined rules and regulations library to check and control all the data.

With Forcepoint, one can protect PII and PHI, company financials, various trade secrets, credit/ATM card information, etc., even in images.

It allows the pursuit of intellectual property in both structured as well as unstructured forms.


  • For DLP, Forcepoint has attributes like Drip DLP, Native remediation, broad data discovery viewpoints, and OCR.
  • It has native, behavioral analysis, risk-adaptive, and risk-based policy enforcement.
  • Forcepoint has features to stop slow-moving data theft, which is difficult to identify, especially if the hacker is off-network.
  • Forcepoint has database flexibility.

Price: You can get contact them through the website for pricing details and request a free trial. The cost of the Forcepoint DLP Suite (IP Protection) is $48.99

8. Safetica

Safetica DLP Solution is one of the cost-effective alternatives as it contains functionalities for security checks and protection of sensitive data.

It will give you overall visibility of the data in your firm. Also, you can authorize who can access the data and who can perform a behavior analysis.

This will help discover how employees work, print, or use expensive software. It has a flexible DLP mode. Safetica sends notifications in real-time if an incident happens.


  • Safetica performs an audit of data transfers and data processing.
  • It has a characteristic of Data Discovery and Data Channel Filtering. Safetica provides a workflow for classified data.
  • Device control features will define which user can use devices and how to cut risks of BYOD. It also has the features of User Activity Audit and Management.
  • Safetica has many more features such as Drive Encryption, Alerts, Reports, etc.

Price: Safetica is available in three modules: Safetica Auditor, Safetica DLP, and Safetica DLP + Safetica Mobile. The demo is available to try for free.

Data Loss Prevention Tools – Conclusion

There is exponential growth in data, and hence it is becoming difficult for businesses to track, protect, and manage critical information within corporate borders.

This list of DLP solutions will help businesses of all sizes to prevent data leakage and respond to various incidents.

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