Here are the Top DEM Tools for Businesses to Invest

Here are the Top DEM Tools for Businesses to Invest

The world is experiencing a digital boom. Moreover, recent events have opened up opportunities for businesses to quantify customer experiences digitally. Hence, DEM Tools are a suite of solutions that comprehends insights into various digital experiences. 

Further, the need for monitoring and managing digital experiences is increasing as user expectations evolve. As a result, businesses employ DEM Tools to address end-user experiences and enable users to continually engage with their websites and applications. 

Therefore, in this article, we will understand the various DEM tools that businesses must invest in for a deeper analysis of their customer experience. Although, before we dive into the topic at hand, let us first begin by understanding what is DEM and how it works?

Top DEM Tools for Businesses

What is Digital Experience Marketing?

Digital Experience Marketing or DEM refers to the process of optimizing performances of cloud and collaboration tools to enhance customer experience. Most importantly, it uses monitoring and analytics to identify performance issues. Hence, providing an in-depth understanding of the user experience to improve processes.

Gartner defines it as, “Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) is a performance analysis discipline that supports the optimization of the operational experience and behavior of a digital agent, human or machine, with the application and service portfolio of enterprises… This discipline also seeks to observe and model the behavior of users as a flow of interactions in the form of a customer journey.”

DEM tools are the evolution of Application Performance Monitoring solutions and End User Experience Monitoring Software. Moreover, DEM tools are an emerging discipline that combines the functions of APM and EUEM tools to ensure consistency in digital experience. Therefore, it easily comprehends and analyzes the efficacy of the products, services, and solutions a business offers.

Above all, DEM tools help businesses drive better results by focusing on important areas. Therefore areas like:

  • End-user Experience Management.
  • Digital Workspace planning.
  • Service Desk Operations.
  • IT Asset Optimization.

How does Digital Experience Monitoring work?

DEM combines Real User Monitoring, Endpoint Monitoring, and Synthetic Transaction Monitoring operations. Hence, it focuses on the way users interact with the applications and websites.

Most importantly, it collects and analyzes data that offer key insights to improve user experience. Moreover, DEM comprehends the application’s behavior from a user and endpoint perspective. In addition, any changes in the application behavior indicate changes in the networking path or in the application itself. 

Hence, here are three important components that help Digital Experience Monitoring work:

  • End-User Endpoint: It refers to the agent that is installed in a physical or virtual endpoint. Moreover, it helps gather and analyze the data.
  • Central Collection: Once gathered, the data is stored at a central location for easy access. Most importantly, the storing and analyzing of data occurs in a cloud or on-premise database.
  •  IT Administrator: An IT Admin helps monitor and procure insights in real-time. Hence, they proactively resolve issues without it affecting user experience.

Key Features to look for in DEM Tools

  • Firstly, the DEM Tool shall offer Real-time visibility.
  • It must certainly help evaluate end-user experience performance.
  • Moreover, it shall provide a cloud-first approach and scalability.
  • Additionally, it must provide self-help and engagement options
  • It shall also provide qualitative feedback and data collection at the edge.
  • Most importantly, features like data security, AIOps, and automation are necessary.

Here are the Top DEM Tools that can help Businesses make an Impact on their User’s Experience:


Dynatrace is one of the most comprehensive DEM Tools. It offers best-in-class features to improve user experiences. 

Moreover, it ensures an application is available, functional, and agile. Hence, it promises efficiency throughout channels which include mobiles, websites, IoTs, and APIs.

Applications Manager

Streamline digital experience monitoring procedure with ManageEngine’s Application Manager. It allows organizations to formulate operational  DEM strategies and provides granular data that helps understand and optimize the digital experience of end users. This tool lets you actively monitor real user interactions, website performance, synthetic transactions, and end-user experiences, equipping you to make informed decisions and deliver seamless user journeys.

With its multi-location website monitoring, Applications Manager can easily track and monitor various websites and web-based applications all around the globe. It lets you evaluate performance metrics, identify potential issues, and protect your content from malicious attacks – all with the added convenience of a mobile app for on-the-go monitoring. Its APM capabilities drill down to the line of code, informing you of any potential issues in the underlying operations and slow transactions.

Applications Manager also comes with built-in Application Analytics and REST APIs that empower you with data-driven decision-making and flexible integration.


Nexthink is one of the leading DEM tools that supports complete management and monitoring of end-to-end employee experience. Moreover, it provides solutions for users to measure, monitor, and enhance the digital employee experience.

Most importantly, it collects and gathers real-time data from various endpoints. Above all, it facilitates automation and remediation that scale from different users and their devices. Hence, it provides high-level metrics to improve visibility and deeper insights into the employees’ daily experience


Catchpoint is a revolutionizing digital experience monitoring platform. It focuses on improving customer experience by providing visibility and quick resolutions.

In addition, it provides solutions to mitigate blind spots that affect the user infrastructure. Above all, it collects synthetic and real-user metrics to test components. As a result, users can model and validate the performance with pre-built and custom monitors.


Aternity is a digital experience management company that is integrated with Riverbed SteelCentral. It provides end-to-end DEM solutions to enhance user experience, infrastructure, application, and network.

Moreover, it provides holistic visibility and self-healing solutions. It especially helps improve user experiences in enterprise cloud, SaaS, and mobile apps.  

Most importantly, it regularly records the user’s usage and experience. Hence, it constantly improves performance to streamline productivity.


Glassbox is a digital experience platform that provides cutting-edge solutions. It offers frictionless digital journeys for customers through AI-driven visualization and analytics.

Above all, it ensures that teams prioritize customer experience and improvements on digital products from a collaborative system. Hence, Glassbox is one of the easiest and most secure DEM tools that enable private cloud-based deployments.


AppDynamics is a popular digital experience monitoring tool. It mostly focuses on End User Monitoring and recording business transactions.

Most importantly, it provides insights into the impact of third-party APIs and content services. Hence, offering more leverage to companies to implement service level agreements (SLAs).

SysTrack Digital Experience Monitoring

SysTrack is one of the leading DEM tools offered by Lakeside software. It gathers and analyzes data to determine the impact on user experience and business efficacy. 

Above all, it delivers an excellent digital employee experience using end-to-end monitoring. Moreover, reduces and eliminates any drawbacks to transform IT and develop a better digital workspace.

Most importantly, it provides highly scalable agents and the deployment of over 400,000 endpoints. 


AppNeta is an IT monitoring vendor that offers SaaS-based DEM tools for businesses. It also provides multiple monitoring and management solutions in a unified platform.

Moreover, it offers DEM features that help maintain SaaS and web applications. Hence, it includes services like synthetic transaction monitoring, streamlining applications constantly, and performance alerts.

It also enables users to manage applications from behind the firewalls and various global locations. Hence, it can easily determine the impact of DNS (Domain Name System) on the user experience of an app.

New Relic Synthetics

New Relic Synthetics is a predictive digital experience monitoring tool. It enables users to monitor and assess apps to address problems that affect users.

It also offers customization to ensure critical transactions run without errors. Further, it delivers troubleshooting measurements to resolve issues within an app. Hence it notifies businesses in case of any issues and leads them to the exact problem.


ThousandEyes is a DEM tool that provides complete visibility into a website, app, or service. It offers a real-time map for the updates on the internet especially to businesses that rely on these updates.

Above all, it ensures businesses can view, comprehend and enhance the delivery path to provide the best solutions for users.


Gartner states that by 2025, 70% of digital businesses will need an infrastructure and operations leaders to monitor user experience. 

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