What is DevOps from a Business Perspective?

When executed properly, DevOps can not only convert your software process but also create merit for both employees and customers.

What is DevOps from a Business Perspective?
Published By - Kelsey Taylor

Know exactly what DevOps Is?

DevOps is a group of concepts that automates the processes between IT teams and software development. Which provides an ability to; solve critical issues quickly, faster software releases, increased trust and better management of unplanned work.

In simple words, it’s a collaboration between development and operations which focuses on tighter integration.

What is DevOps from a Business Perspective?

So now, let us get straight to how DevOps can benefit you and your business:

When executed properly, It can not only convert your software process but also create merit for both
employees and customers. Through DevOps, developers can infuse in the opportunity to work more efficiently with stakeholders, operations. Okay, I can hear the sceptic saying “what are the benefits? “

So below is a list of benefits of DevOps business model.

  • Continuous Release and smarter Deployment of new system and applications-
    This approach ensures an organization can benefit by deploying their new systems in a more efficient and enhanced manner, thereby making the process faster and easier.
  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery-
    It all comes down to the speed of delivery, which is one of the biggest benefits from a business point of view. Production cycles are often coordinated with IT mechanisms to make them more effective and streamlined. An effective DevOps Framework is often needed to create a robust method of efficiency for this purpose.
  • Agility is the key-
    Through DevOps, scalability can be achieved quickly and easily even for the big organizations with Stable and reliable operating environment, pushing one’s business to stay ahead of the competition.
  • Faster time-to-market and delivery times that improves ROI-
    It is basically the application of agility which ensures more frequent delivery and faster development of software.
  • Process Automation and Security Maintenance-
    Automation forms the essence of the DevOps culture. Activities like performance testing, regression help make the development process more stable, reliable and robust. An organization can benefit by saving manual costs and thereby increasing their revenue.


It’s certain and intelligible that DevOps has matched the benchmark of expectations that the developers had as promised. At its core, it’s a set of practices and tools, to help provide applications and services at a market-ready speed.

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