10 Best Free Content Curation Tools in 2019

Best Free Content Curation Tools
Published By - Kelsey Taylor

What is Content Curation?

The constant inflow of content is of the utmost importance when it comes to online presence and influence.

But, it is practically infeasible to cover all the aspects and latest happenings about any given subject. The curation of content addresses this issue.

It is the process of finding, collecting, and presenting the content in front of the audience in a systematic manner about any particular subject.

Here, we collect content from different sources and in different formats and present it to our audience on one platform. This makes it easier for our audience to find all the relevant information at one place.

Content curation has become the marketing staple in the industry. This process can be summarized as in the following image:

Content Curation Process

Benefits of Content Curation

Apart from making it easier for the audience to navigate through information, content curation can prove to be beneficial to you in numerous ways such as:

  1. You could be recognized as experts in the field.
  2. It’s much simpler and cost-effective as opposed to creating our own content.
  3. Helps you grow your network.
  4. Increases your reach to a wider audience.
  5. Keeps you informed about the latest happenings and trends in the field.

Top 10 Tools for Content Curation

There are numerous tools available in the market for content curation. A few of them are as follows:


One of the most popular content curation tools available, Pinterest, lets you create multiple boards on your profile. You can add existing content (called pins) to these boards or upload your own content and add it to one of the boards.

The pinned content can include only images or images along with links.


  • Very user-friendly platform and easy to navigate
  • Great platform to discover visuals posted by people and accumulating all at one location
  • Easy search options according to domain
  • Share to social media directly


A tool somewhat similar to Pinterest, Scoop.it allows you to select one topic of your interest and delivers a variety of relevant content to you. The content could be curated/shared by other users.

Scoop.it offers free as well as paid plans depending on your needs.


  • Content-based on keywords using Boolean search
  • Filters content according to its type
  • Lets you add your sources with your RSS feeds


Essentially an influencer marketing tool, Triberr also helps content curators find content.

It lets you curate your own content and also lets you promote the content of others. It enables bloggers and influencers to increase their reach and get more engagement.

Similar to Scoop.it, Triberr offers free as well as paid plans (Lite and Prime)


  • Lets you upload your own content
  • Interact with other members of Triberr
  • Join existing groups/tribes and grow your network
  • Analytics to monitor your growth


It is a visual and collaboration tool that helps users explore, organize, and share existing content on the web as well as upload their own.

The tool allows you to explore content others are curating for themselves or to share in the future. Pearltrees is a free tool for all.


  • Comes with Pearltrees extension for saving content
  • Exploring other’s collection of curated or uploaded content
  • Content sharing directly from Pearltrees
  • Upload and save your own content in your collection


It is a mobile and web app that lets you stay updated with the content that your connections are sharing. With Nuzzel, you are able to quickly curate the content in the form of a newsletter.

Nuzzel saves you time from digging through the news feeds to check what is or could be trending. Nuzzel is a completely free service.


  • Easy recap of trending content
  • Easy on-the-go usage of the Nuzzel App
  • Share directly from Nuzzel


If you are looking for a simple tool that helps you curate content from various social media channels and also allow you to share some great content, then DrumUp is the best tool for you.

It is a no-frills tool and is quite simple and straightforward. One can never go wrong with it.

DrumUp is available as a freeware and in paid versions with their base plan starting at $15.


  • Content can be saved and reused
  • Provides a calendar view of scheduled content
  • Allows editing and deleting posts before they are shared
  • Helps shorten links with a built-in feature


Here is a tool that integrates easily with Buffer and Hubspot. It provides you the ability to view Pinterest as an image search engine. Key in your search items and behold all the beautiful images to share.

The best part about Quuu is that every content piece shared on it is hand-reviewed in-house.

So, you can always be assured of quality content being curated for you based upon your search as well as based on search queries of other users as well.

Quuu offers free plans as well as paid ones up to $30/month.


  • Distributes content automatically
  • Uses proprietary tool, QuuuPromote to promote your content


Available as a Chrome Extension, Zest, lets you browse and store trending content.

It allows you to browse through the most popular or the most shared content and store what intrigues you. You can also filter out the content of your interest with the help of tags.

Zest.is is a free to use tool with all the baseline features.


  • Content is curated and moderated by marketing pros
  • You can submit your own content or even any other content that you’ve found
  • Uses AI to filter out low-quality content


It is a service that allows you to store articles and pages for you to be able to read later.

It offers content discovery and also allows you to search for content based on keywords. The search results are often the links and articles that are trending.

Pocket is available for free to use or you can opt for an ad-free experience by paying $44.99/year.


  • Discover trending content through tags
  • Content recommendations based on your search or read history
  • Desktop and mobile-friendly
  • Has a chrome extension as well to be able to save content easily


ContentGems describe themselves as a “content delivery engine.” It is a great tool to find and curate content relevant to you.

They scan numerous articles and compile together a stream of related articles for you to read and share.


  • Lets you curate newsletters in and send it to your customers
  • Automatically notifies your team about any relevant content about your topic of interest
  • Lets you plug in your content on several platforms such as MailChimp, Slack, Buffer, among others
  • Monitor any website with any Twitter account or an RSS feed

Although it seems like an easy task, content curation is easier said than done. These tools above might help you with your curation efforts.

Each of these tools has its own features and help us in different ways. Now it is up to you to decide which tool/s to use depending on your requirements.

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