A Combination of IoT and Condition Monitoring

Monitoring is a part of an industrial maintenance strategy and are the determining components of predictive maintenance.

    A Combination of IoT and Condition Monitoring
    Published By - Kelsey Taylor


    How does IoT Condition Monitoring Work?

    IoT Condition Monitoring is a crucial element in an industrial maintenance strategy. It focuses on the input, output, and impact of a to check for any upgrades or wear and tear in real-time.

    With big data via network and sensors, the monitoring system accentuates the analysis, interpretation, and reporting of the measuring points of your valuable machinery.

    Basic testing parameters of monitoring:

    • Vibration,
    • Cutting speed,
    • Lubricant analysis,
    • Ultrasonic emissions,
    • Current signature analysis,
    • Temperature, air pressure, and ambient parameters.

    Your company gains the ability to analyze and interpret the present of every type of machinery.

    IoT-driven monitoring furthermore sets and automates threshold limit value for every parameter.

    It automatically schedules service maintenance in advance. This way any adverse conditions like system failure or downtime are avoided.

    It provides a precise evaluation for holistic remote monitoring and improves TCO and ROI of your mechanical assets.

    IIoT and condition monitoring are determining components of predictive maintenance.

    They help businesses administer operations with accurate forecasting to find subsequent errors. And also to find a proactive solution before any repercussions.

    monitoring keeps heavy pieces of machinery in check. This is done through interconnected sensors, RFID, and controllers.

    It helps your team to check the health of any device from even a remote location.

    Don’t Miss on Predictive Maintenance’s Importance in Industry 4.0

    How can IoT help with Condition Monitoring?

    IoT helps channel all the information to the server for further analysis. This in turn will help with a convenient, fast, and secure management platform.

    Using the Internet of things in Monitoring helps connect all the machines.

    It works towards managing and monitoring the power and efficiency of the equipment.

    It is a must to keep valuable and heavy machinery like asynchronous motors, blowers, compressors, conveyors, and pumps in check.

    Together, IoT and condition monitoring eliminates the need to execute manual testing of machinery.

    With the power of, businesses do not need to check and watch each device.

    This is beneficial in terms of time-saving, scalability, and connectivity. It delivers comprehensive online monitoring and protection services.

    Besides, based monitoring:

    • Increases life expectancy,
    • Reduces storage and maintenance cost,
    • Prevents the need for expensive repair and repair time,
    • Sets up standard operating environment conditions,
    • Efficiently runs maintenance programs for each equipment,
    • Detects errors in ample time to fix it effectively,
    • Keeps a check on license renewal and new updates,
    • Guarantees operational safety,
    • Helps control and monitor employee access to machinery and
    • Increases the rate of production.

    Role of Condition Monitoring in IIoT

    IIoT is empowered by technologies like cybersecurity, big data, cognitive computing, cloud computing, and machine learning.

    IIoT focuses on machine-to-machine (M2M) interrelations and communications.

    Condition monitoring delivers scalable and cost-effective health monitoring solutions to IIoT systems.

    Connected devices gain condition monitoring methods like current signature analysis, automated upgradations, notifications, and flexible deployment models.

    IIoT works towards gaining untapped potential in the organization’s system and machinery.

    With the help of condition monitoring, IIoT supplies better productivity, scalability, ROI, cost-saving, and real-time decision making.


    No matter what era we are in, regular and consistent checking on equipment for emissions is a must. Be it possible to wear, and tear or instant updates.

    The combination of IoT and condition monitoring pushes you forward. And provides higher services with high transparency and security as well.

    IoT driven condition monitoring is a machine’s health management and monitoring system.

    CPS, sensors, and devices can help you obtain big data. This will be enough to run a machine learning algorithm for predictive maintenance.

    With this, organizations gain real-time insights, solutions, and transparency to predict machine failure. This will end every possible operational shutdown or downtime.

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