Understanding Hyperlocal Marketing and Its Top Use Cases in Business

Understanding Hyperlocal Marketing and Its Top Use Cases in Business
Published By - Kelsey Taylor

Hyperlocal Marketing helps businesses grow locally, and as a result, it is important to learn about its use cases. It can help businesses boost sales and accelerate growth.

The pandemic has rendered people to support local businesses. Platforms like LinkedIn, Google, and Facebook have created marketing opportunities for small and local businesses.

However, before diving into the use cases of hyperlocal marketing, it is important to understand its terms. Hence, let us begin by learning “What is Hyperlocal Marketing?”

Understanding Hyperlocal Marketing and Its Top Use Cases in Business

What is Hyperlocal Marketing?

Hyperlocal marketing is a type of Niche Marketing. Hence, it is a technique of targeting audiences in a specific and geographically restricted locality.

Generally, hyperlocal marketing is aimed at audiences who are interested in the product or services offered. As a result, this technique is most helpful for online and digital audiences.

The audiences are profiled according to their interests, search results, demography, and location. The information could be gathered from various mediums like social media.

Moreover, the plan of conducting it is to create more footfall for physical stores. Most notably in these cases, hyperlocal marketing is for people who conduct “near me” searches.

Benefits of Hyperlocal Marketing

  • The use of hyperlocal marketing is extremely targeted in comparison to traditional cases. 
  • Moreover, it is an online activity that businesses conduct. Consequently, it is implemented at a lower cost to generate a substantial ROI.
  • It is proven that prospects that run hyperlocal searches certainly are intending to purchase. Therefore, it creates an excellent platform for businesses to use hyperlocal marketing to their advantage.
  • As a result, hyperlocal marketing makes the business more accessible to people.
  • Furthermore, businesses of all sizes, industries, and locations benefit from the use of hyperlocal marketing.
  • Therefore, hyperlocal marketing can boost sales by merely choosing the right search keywords in such cases. Most importantly, it provides easy access to analysis and uses the same to complete objectives.
  • Hence, hyperlocal marketing creates a sense of scalability by executing local tests and experiments. Consequently, it provides an in-depth perception of audiences and their behaviors that can be used as an advantage.
  • As a result, hyperlocal marketing provides recognition to businesses locally. Therefore, it creates more credibility for the business and its hope for expansion.

Strategies for Effective Use of Hyperlocal Marketing

Enhance Google My Business Listing

Google My Business is the cornerstone of hyperlocal marketing. Hence, it is pivotal for businesses to optimize the Business pages in Google My Business.

Moreover, it is proven that 33 % of all Google searches are associated with locations. As a result, businesses should focus on this aspect and offer detailed information.

Most importantly, over 1 billion people use Google Maps. As a result, Google search and Maps lead these prospects to 1.5 billion locations every year.

Meanwhile, 84% of ed users rely on Google for local search results. Consequently, 28 % of those search results end in purchases.

Certainly, the use of hyperlocal marketing has benefited businesses; in such cases, Google searches have worked great.

Hence, for local and new businesses they must make themselves easily accessible. In conclusion, layout pivotal and quickly accessible information about the business.

Generating Hyperlocal Content for the Audiences

Generating content that is easily able to connect local audiences can help businesses create their identity. As a result, the local community becomes more involved in the business.

Hence, this creates a niche market opportunity for businesses to leverage. Moreover, generating local content can help brand identity, brand loyalty, and a sense of affinity among the locals for the business.

As a result, using content specific to the audiences in hyperlocal marketing can help businesses grow in various cases.

Most importantly, it creates opportunities for businesses to be involved in local events, festivities, occasions, etc. Hence, this makes a sense of trust and loyalty among the local audiences.

Easy Access to the Contact Information

It is pivotal to add information regarding the business. Hence, including contact information makes the business seem more accessible and legitimate.

Similarly, hyperlocal marketing use cases have proven that audiences connect more with businesses through readily available information.

Moreover, it creates a sense of the brand being approachable, open, contactable, and tangible. As a result, information like addresses can interest people by placing them at unique, landmarked, and monumentalized locations.

Incorporate a Schema Markup

Most importantly, adding a schema markup code to the website can help search engines. Hence, including the correct markup code can avoid errors and help identify the website quickly.

However, businesses do not need to learn the code. To clarify, it is readily available on schema.org.

Schema.org helps businesses easily find a code more appropriate for the business type. It is freely available for businesses that use WordPress.

As a result, the use cases of schema markup can lead to hyperlocal marketing to reach audiences easily. Subsequently, businesses can use Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool to assess the code. 

Optimize the Local Search

Businesses mainly have two objectives at the beginning, when their website is developing. Firstly, it is to be discovered easily when searched for the product or services they cater to. Secondly, convert prospects into regular customers.

As a result, it is important to create a clean website, looks professional, and of high quality. Most importantly, create a site that is easy to comprehend and navigate.

Certainly, building the website content on relevant keywords and language structure that is “idiot-proof”. Similarly, to improve the local ranking, analyze and optimize the web content in order of importance.

Separate Landing Page for Business Locations

Businesses can have multiple locations, subsidiaries, etc. As a result, it is important to create a separate landing page for the sites.

Most importantly, it is crucial to create content for each location and landing page. Moreover, the content should include a brief location purpose and hyperlocal keywords specific to that area.

Here are the Top Use Cases of Hyperlocal Marketing in Businesses:

Hyperlocal Marketing Use Cases in Mcdonald’s Menus

The popular fast-food brand Mcdonald’s has different menus in different countries. Although, its logo, tagline, and plan remain the same.

As a result, Mcdonald’s menus differ from country to country. Most importantly, they consider catering to hyperlocal scenarios.

Consequently, local audiences relate to the international brand. Furthermore, they save costs by hiring local vendors keeping their “taste” local.

Mcdonald’s use of hyperlocal marketing has opened up great opportunities for the brand in such cases. Today, they have over 38,000 locations in over 100 countries.

Meanwhile, it stays true to its origin of supplying fast and low-cost food. Above all, Mcdonald’s is a brand that does not shy away from offering audiences “pop-cultured” options as seen in their happy meals and menu updates.

Spotify to Use Cases of Hyperlocal Marketing

Spotify, the notorious music app, has a recommendation for everyone. Hence, its hyperlocal marketing use cases in different localities have made it a fan favorite among music lovers.

Its New Year campaign in 2017 was a widely spread event. As a result, the streaming platform created data-driven playlists.

Moreover, the playlists were categorized according to the genre, preferred languages, localities, etc. As a result, the platform offers live radio listings.

Use Cases for Hyperlocal Marketing for Lana’s Egg Whites

Lana’s Egg Whites is a health and fitness brand from North California. The company has been in business since 1995.

They deliver egg whites all over the country. They regularly collaborate with local athletes, law enforcement agencies, etc.

The hyperlocal marketing use cases for Lana’s Egg Whites have offered the company a great customer base. 

The brand uses hyperlocal marketing strategically in cases where they sponsor local athletes and town heroes. This creates a sense of familiarity with the brand and trust among athletes and their families.

Lana’s Egg Whites have successfully built their ground locally. The brand has now made local athletes their ambassadors.

Hyperlocal Marketing Use Cases for LinkedIn Professionals

The use of hyperlocal marketing on LinkedIn has helped local businesses collaborate. LinkedIn has also helped reach job seekers and professionals to better openings and opportunities.

LinkedIn also serves as a trusted social platform. It allows audiences to interact and share experiences.

Leaders from all over the world use LinkedIn to demonstrate how they have survived recent events. It is a field that connects hyperlocal audiences to businesses and businesses to investors.

Use Cases of Hyperlocal Marketing in Dating with OkCupid

OkCupid is a widely used dating app. It uses a person’s location to connect them with other interested people.

The use of hyperlocal marketing in the dating app is a little different than in other cases. Here, the audience is not looking for business or job opportunities.

It is more of a personal space for people to meet socially. It is a platform for people to find genuine connections.

The dating industry is in the multi-billion dollar range. OkCupid uses math and data algorithms to help audiences meet “The One”.

Here, it uses hyperlocal marketing in two vivid ways. Firstly, it connects people according to location, demography, and interest. Secondly, it advertises various brands on its platform to help boost business sales.

Moreover, OkCupid leverages other dating apps. Hence, with its unique perspective on dating, it has over 3.5 million active users.

OkCupid helped boost social mentions by 50% for male users. It also paved the way for women and members of the LGBTQIA+ community to online date safely.

Hyperlocal Marketing Use Cases for Pepsi in Romania

Pepsi wanted to amplify its footfall and participation in the Pepsi Ski Racer event. The event took place in 30 skiing locations.

Hence, Yoose, their marketing strategist, came up with a solution. The use of hyperlocal marketing in such cases helps when the audience is targeted according to various localities.

As a result, the local ads were viewed more than 290,000 times during the campaign run. Consequently, they tracked a footfall of over 400 and achieved a high-performance CTR of 1.52%. 

Recently, Pepsi Bottler opened up its largest European plant in Romania. This magnified the local production by 35%.


In conclusion, hyperlocal marketing use cases have helped businesses grab hidden opportunities. As a result, businesses of all industries, sizes, or agendas have utilized hyperlocal marketing to their advantage.

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