Top 7 Open-Source IVR Automation Testing Tools for Businesses

Top Open Source IVR Automation Testing Tools
Published By - Kelsey Taylor

The right open-source IVR Automation testing tools can completely transform businesses. Moreover, the tools help overcome several challenges in IVR testing.

In this pandemic era, we have to depend on technologies and apps to help automate our lives. Similarly, open-source IVR automation testing tools help businesses in assessing the performance of an IVR application.

However, we need to understand a few concepts before getting to the topic. Above all, we need to understand, “What is IVR testing?” and then dive into the challenges and benefits.

Top Open-source IVR Automation Testing Tools

What is IVR testing?

Firstly, IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response. An IVR is an automated technology that connects humans to machines over a call.

As a result, there are two components in an IVR that interact. Voice input and a DTMF input.

The human being or caller helps with the voice input. During which a keyboard is used for the DTMF (Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency) information.

IVR tools are used for multiple purposes like customer calls, providing information, taking down details, etc. As a result, it helps Banks, Insurance companies, the Telecom industry, the travel industry, etc.

Customers do not wish to visit branches or offices to solve their queries. They require an instant solution at their convenience and comfort.

Consequently, IVR tools are the solutions in this case. The tools help end-users and customers by resolving their queries.

Hence, it is pivotal that the calls need to be monitored. This is where IVR testing tools come in.

Types of IVR Testing

  • Load Testing: It is the process that routes calls through a PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network). Further, it can access and implement an IVR app when required.
  • Stress Testing: Stress testing comes into play during heavy amounts of the call flow. Consequently, it determines if an IVR system can endure extreme quantities of call traffic.
    The traffic is quantified in two significant ways. Firstly, the highest number of simultaneous calls. Lastly, the highest call arrival and pull-down rate.
  • Soak Testing: Soak Testing helps determine the capacity of a system. It certainly monitors the performance characteristics of the tool in the system.
  • Feature Testing: Feature Testing verifies if the IVR system adheres to its claimed characteristics and design.
  • Experience Testing: Experience Testing deals with the delivery of customer experience by an IVR system.
  • Spike Testing: Spike Testing is similar to Stress Testing. However, it is more intense as it measures a system’s capability to function during high traffic volumes.
  • Regression Testing: IVR Regression Testing helps with the performance assessment of an IVR system. Although it uses a third-party application or integration to identify issues precisely.

Benefits of IVR Testing Tools

  • The testing tools help businesses solve challenges. It creates positive impacts on the customer and enhances the user experience. Furthermore, The device can potentially increase the sales of products, services, and or solutions.
  • It reduces the difficulty in coordination and time consumption. As a result, the tools provide cost-efficiency.
  • Manual errors are reduced drastically improving the scalability.
  • Open-source IVR automation tools help in tedious tasks and can work 24/7 without breaks. Hence, there is a subsequent change in reducing time consumption.
  • There is constant tracking and assessment of IVR calls. Certainly, the tools help improve the efficiency of the agents to benefit the business.

Here are Top Open-Source IVR Automation Testing Tools:


Empirix’s Hammer is one of the more popular open-source IVR automation testing tools. It is a worldwide service provider for IVR automation solutions.

Furthermore, it provides cloud-native, flexible, and best-in-class open-source IVR automation tools and network visibility software.


Cyara is a global market leader in open-source IVR automation testing tools. It offers an interactive platform for businesses to improve their customer experience.

Cyara helps simulate the IVR system. As a result, it provides end-to-end resolution for hassle-free testing.


RapidSpike is one of the most interactive IVR testing tools. It monitors natural and synthetic customers to provide thorough insights.

Therefore, it provides businesses clarity in managing, enhancing, and protecting digital experiences. Simultaneously, it helps protect customer data and builds a customer’s trust in the business.


Routee is one of the most intelligent open-source IVR automation testing tools. It works as an omnichannel communication platform.

AMD Telecom’s infrastructure powers Routee’s solutions. Therefore, it offers enhanced Web and API automation solutions for multiple industries globally.


Applitools is an AI-enabled open-source IVR automation testing tool. It works as a visual testing and monitoring platform.

Therefore, it helps provide automation solutions for a digital transformation. It is easily integrated with any DevOps environment. As a result, offering speed and agility to deliver quality solutions.


Voximal is one of the open-source IVR automation testing tools that run on Asterisk’s platform. As a result, It offers an updated and innovative solution.

As a result of using Voximal, businesses can manage calls with the standard VoiceXML syntax. Thus, it allows businesses to manage and route calls when required easily.


SoapUI is a popular IVR testing tool. It creates, manages, and implements complete tests of various software and services.

Therefore making it easy to automate API testing to constantly assess the delivery. The next-generation tool is built to validate REST, SOAP, GraphQL, microservices, etc.


Open-source IVR automation testing tools scale infinitely and decrease human interference. Hence, it provides services according to business requirements and objectives.

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