List of 12 Best Synthetic Monitoring Tools

List of 12 Best Synthetic Monitoring Tools

Synthetic monitoring tools help measure IT applications to detect their response capability and availability status.

By simulating users’ anticipated path, the device generates “synthetic traffic” to monitor the future response time and other functions to avoid any loss and reputational damage.

The synthetic monitoring solution works to provide a stable environment for all of your applications. It keeps the performance rate of your website, third-party elements, or customer transactions in check.

Most providers offer both -time monitoring and synthetic monitoring solution tools as a packaged deal.

List of the Top 12 Synthetic Monitoring Tools Available in the Market


AlertSite provides Comprehensive Synthetic Monitoring for Websites, Applications, and APIs. Powered by Smartbear, the platform presents you with all types of related help and training.

The services and their functions are easy to use and clearly defined.

AlertSite uses and advanced transaction recorder for monitoring applications in critical business transactions. Its features include:

  • AlertSite APIs
  • Free Training & Support
  • Run in 80+ locations
  • Simple dashboard
  • SLA compliance tracking

Applications Manager

Assure round-the-clock availability while the enhancing user experience of your website by performing advanced synthetic monitoring with Manage Engine Applications Manager. From guaranteeing round-the-clock website access and optimizing page speeds to overseeing critical business transactions, evaluating third-party interactions, and identifying potential outages and delays, this tool tackles a comprehensive range of website performance concerns.

Applications Manager helps you test applications in various locations by simulating real-world scenarios. It also gathers real-time data from these emulated transactions alongside actual data and uses this combined data to identify anomalies by comparing them to predefined benchmarks.

This synthetic monitoring application doesn’t just identify issues; it pinpoints the root cause and its impact areas and gives you actionable insights, enabling swift and resilient action. This translates to a significant boost in website performance.


Apica Synthetic is a proactive monitoring system for websites, applications, and APIs. It offers a SaaS, web-based, on-premise, and hybrid deployment with high-security services.

It features smooth website monitoring and transaction monitoring services with quick notifications, event logs, and availability testing. It also offers:

  • FTP monitoring
  • Mail server monitoring
  • browser simulation
  • Uptime reporting


AppDynamics by Cisco provides the ability to manage total interactions with ease. It’s a robust platform with high scalability and Low invasive processes.

AppDynamics uses geographically distributed Synthetic Agents to provide browser-based synthetic monitoring around the world. AppDynamics can be set up from 26 different cloud-based locations.

The AppDynamics generates easy to understand waterfall graphs. No hardware is necessary to install. Its features include:

  • Maintenance scheduling
  • Responsive service desk
  • Reporting visibility
  • Smart alerts
  • Powerful analytical engine


Catchpoint is a robust continuous synthetic monitoring solution provider. It helps improve the end- experience by its advanced optimization service delivery.

Apart from the obvious, Catchpoint also supports MQTT, which allows enterprises to track IoT devices.

It aims at performing every possible monitoring process to provide an in-depth report on any error. The solution goes through 20+ monitor types to eradicate any blind spots.

It also offers:

  • 360 Degree Visibility
  • 850 + global monitoring nodes
  • Analyze historical trends
  • Comprehensive uptime tracking
  • Quick troubleshooting

CloudQA TruMonitor

TruMonitor is a data-driven synthetic monitoring tool powered by CloudQA. It generates quick performance analysis on low-traffic periods and helps fix issues before any damages.

CloudQA’s TruMonitor simulates critical journeys to check for any upcoming issues.

It provides browsers synthetic monitoring, 24 x 7. The features include:

  • 2 Minimal set up requirements
  • KPI Trends insights
  • Multiple browser support
  • Quick notifications
  • SLA reporting

DX App Synthetic

Formerly known as CA App Synthetic Monitor, the DX App Synthetic Monitor tool is easy to install and use. With its always-on synthetic monitoring, you get full page monitoring to ensure maximum satisfaction.

You can also create on-premises monitoring stations within your data-center. You can also utilize its 30 days free trial, with no credit card. It’s a cost-effective SaaS solution that also offers:

  • 90+ monitoring stations worldwide
  • Customizable alerts
  • Maintenance slots support
  • Monitor applications inside the firewall
  • No additional software requirements

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Dynatrace is one of the powerful platforms known for application monitoring services.

Dynatrace synthetic monitoring is an excellent solution for performance reports, comparisons, and testing of your mobile and web channels.

The tool generates business-critical simulations. It can evaluate workflows using a simple web-based recorder instead of scripting.

It’s a flexible tool that can be integrated with many services such as Opsgenie, PagerDuty, Slack, and VictorOps. It also offers:

  • browser simulation
  • Competitive analysis
  • SLA compliance monitoring
  • CDN and 3rd party performance monitoring
  • Automated troubleshooting


Kentik is a relatively new, but an excellent easy to use network monitoring solution provider. The Kentik Synthetic Monitoring for Internet, Cloud, and Hybrid Networks is quick to detect performance-impacting issues.

Kentik uses private agents to help supervise your infrastructure, applications, and 3rd party services. It offers autonomous testing, full network Integration, and traffic analytics. Its services also include:

  • Customer SLAs
  • Intelligent Alerting and Diagnostics
  • -time visibility
  • Simple and affordable pricing.
  • Transit and peer networks

New Relic

New Relic Synthetic Monitoring prevents website downtime with the help of intelligent automation and simulation techniques.

It is a customizable solution with deep-dive troubleshooting analytics. The solution provides businesses with detailed downtime and error reports. Backed by a selenium-driven Chrome browser, New Relic synthetic offers:

  • API testing
  • Easy-to-read waterfall charts
  • Global test coverage
  • browser engine data
  • Scripted browser interactions


Powered by Solarwinds, Pingdom is a widely used website performance and availability monitoring solution. It’s an easy to use and understand tool with a 14-day free trial offer.

Its synthetic monitoring capabilities come packaged together with monitoring for higher visibility. It offers:

  • Instant notifications
  • Page speed analysis
  • Spread across 100 locations globally.
  • Transaction monitoring
  • Uptime monitoring


Site 24×7 is a simple website availability and end-to-end application performance monitoring solution. It provides comprehensive reports on downtime issues.

The site 24×7 has a friendly interface, with easy-to-understand graphs and figures. It provides a thorough -time analysis of interactions and their simulations.

Its features also include:

  • 100 worldwide testing locations
  • In-depth uptime and performance reports
  • Multiple channel alerts
  • Smart integrations

Apart from the above, there are many major platforms that provide synthetic monitoring services such as;

  • AlertBot
  • Checkly
  • Rigor 
  • Uptime
  • Uptrends

Concluding Remarks

The usage of synthetic monitoring is critical to every organization that’s up to date on technology trends and automation. It has become essential to simulate and monitor the applications in any business.

These tools provide 360 visibility of your system workflow. Synthetic monitoring tools administer the competency on an end-to-end basis while running continuous simultaneous tests.

Use synthetic monitoring services to monitor the 3rd party solution you are integrating. This will give you clarity on its functionality and flexibility with your present system.

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